Miracle Dogs is a 2003 drama film starring Kate Jackson, Ted Shackelford, and Alana Austin.

Plot Edit

The film is based on the inspirational story of Annie, a dog who battles and beats cancer.

Cast Edit

Kate Jackson as Terry Logan

Ted Schackleford as Dr. Ben Logan

Alana Austin as Kelly Maguire

Josh Hutcherson as Charlie Logan, the main protagonist

K.C. Clyde as Andy Malone

Talbot Perry Simons as Louie Cardona, the dog catcher and main antagonist who captures dogs and takes them to the pound to be euthanized.

Matt McDermott as Fred Thompson

Stacy Keach as C.W. Aldrich, the grumpy janitor who befriends Charlie.

Rue McClanahan as Katherine Mannion

Daniel Roebuck as Dr. Elliot