'Wilder Days 'is a 2003 comedy film starring Peter Falk, Tim Daly, and Josh Hutcherson.

Plot Edit

Wilder Days

The DVD cover for Wilder Days

The third TV movie produced for the TNT network's "Johnson & Johnson Spotlight Presentations," Wilder Days stars Peter Falk as septuagenarian James "Pop-Up" Morse, who, though warm and indulgent toward his 11-year-old grandson Chris (Josh Hutcherson), has always been a bit aloof and distant when it comes to his own son (and Chris' father) John (Timothy Daly). As a result, John has become a bitter, uptight, super-pragmatic adult, rigidly rejecting the colorful tall tales that Pop-Up enjoys spinning for Chris. Not wishing to have Chris' imagination stunted by John, and also hoping to make up for neglecting his son, Pop-Up decides to prove that his fanciful stories are factual, beginning with his oft-told yarn of the wreck of the circus boat Wilder Days. To this end, the elder Morse "escapes" from his nursing home and takes Chris on a journey of rediscovery across country in his classic 1959 El Dorado -- without the fuming John's permission. Directed by David Mickey Evans of Radio Flyer and The Sandlot fame, Wilder Days premiered October 19, 2003.

Cast Edit

Peter Falk

Tim Daly

Josh Hutcherson

Kate Vernon

Conchita Campbell

Colin Cunningham

Benita Ha

Ian Marsh

Adrian Holmes

Ron Small

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The film scored fairly good reviews, most were positive but still negative reviews had a high number. However, despite the negative reviews, the film was considered to be good based off of the positive reviews. This film was Josh Hutcherson's debut, which began his film career.

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